About The Owner

roselyn weaver

HI 👋🏽 it’s me 🤍 Roselyn Weaver. Mama of two. Wife to one 😆 Currently living in Houston, TX. My degree is in Fashion Merchandising which led to me working many years in wholesale, retail and supply chain management. I left my corporate job in 2019 and have been running RoselynWeaver.com while being a SAHWM. 

If you’ve followed me on social media for a while or know me IRL, you already know that adoption and foster care are very near and dear to my heart. Without adoption, I wouldn’t have this beautiful family of mine. Since the very beginning, before we were even blessed with our sweet babies, I always wished and prayed that I could do more for all of these sweet kids waiting for their forever home. It was something that was always on my heart. So for the past two years I’ve been brainstorming on how I could do just that and this year I’m finally taking the leap. Combining my love for fashion and my passion to give back to the foster care community and that is how Love on Purpose was born.